Nutrition News


Summer is here as well as it’s most popular fruit – watermelon!  Have you ever wondered how to pick out a good watermelon at the store? You know, one that is a “one-in-a- melon?” 😉

1st – pick up the melon. If it feels heavier than you’d imagine it would be, then it’s a winner.

2nd – look for the “field spot” which is known to be the spot where the melon sat on the ground. If it’s a ripe melon, the spot will be pale yellow and might have an orange/yellow tint to it.

3rd – the more webbing the better. Don’t let those brown webs on the melon deter you. Those webs tell you that the bees pollinated the flower many times. The more pollination = sweeter watermelon.

Watermelon is one of the most refreshing fruits on a hot summer day since it is about 90% water. What watermelon does not get credit for is that it is high in vitamins C & A to promote eye health and boost your immune system. It is also high in the mineral Potassium which is an essential electrolyte that is involved in our muscle contractions and heart health.

Enjoy this seasonal fruit and have a happy, nutritious summer!